ID890 - Servicing Dealer Sync Set Up Overview & Sample:

If the dealer that is servicing your ship out equipment is also using CEO Juice, this process will keep your service calls and meter readings in sync. Your customer places a service call via eInfo or phone, we see that it's a ship out and can automatically create the service call in the Servicing Dealers database. Then when they close the call we can close the call in your database. Particularly useful for those locations where the timezone is 3 hours ahead and the eInfo call is already 3 hours old before your team would normally notify the servicing dealer. We have the potential to add options to chase if SLAs are not being met etc. You can search for dealers using this process, details here.

Use ID945 - Tracking ShipOut & ShipIn (ITT) Dealer relationships, to understand who you need to sync with.

You need to set up your ShipOut and ShipIn equipment for this process to work. We also need to know the default call types etc when ID890 creates a call for you, use this link to set defaults up.

We suggest you pick a dealer to work with, agree on a serial number to test, have Juice check that everything is setup correctly, then enter a test call on that serial.

For SOLD by you & Serviced by other dealer (ShipOut)

Required: One eAuto technician for each servicing dealer you work with, leave the email blank, zero burden rate

Recommended: A specific eAuto territory for equipment not serviced by your techs, perhaps ITT or Ship Out
Set Equipment Condition to ShipOut (you can force a condition change on certain status changes)

For SERVICED by you & Sold by other dealer (ShipIn)
Required: The Bill To on eAuto Equipment Record should be the Selling Dealer if all sales through that dealer, otherwise the Bill To on the Contract 
Recommended: Set Equipment Condition to ShipIn

* * * 

How secure is the data being synced? Click here

Our alert can email you results of service calls sync'd as well as send email notice of call not synced. Requires email(s) be listed on , see screen shot samples below.

Must list email(s) on Variable8 and Variable9 of subscription to receive:


Summary (sent to emails listed in to/cc of your alert subscription) shows statistics of meter readings and service calls sync'd that day. Then provides detail of the dealer name and equipment info for those sync'd calls:

*Please note meters are pushed into your eAuto as valid and billable as long as the dealer they came from also indicate them as valid and billable.**


Here email shows a dealer (sender) has service call set to sync to another dealer (receiver), but receiving dealer does not have corresponding set up. This tool can be used to coordinate set up so sync can be accomplished. 

This means the sync couldn’t find a match on Serial Number.

The likely scenarios are:

Either it was entered differently on one end (where the first 2 or last 2 characters are left off when entering equipment into eAuto) OR,

it’s a new machine that hasn’t been entered into eAuto on one end OR,

It’s pointed at the wrong Dealer (wrong Tech/BillTo) OR,

it’s a duplicate (not unique when you have multiple manufacturers)



Click here for more detailed instructions.

* * *

Quick Review / Training Tool for new hires:

Quick Review / Training Tool for new hires:

eAuto Set Up:

Every Equipment Record you’d like to sync service calls for, you will need to configure to indicate it is either a ShipIn (you service for another dealer) or a ShipOut (another dealer services for you).

 if you service the machine, you MUST have BillTo on the Customer Record be the other dealer. That BillTo must have Custom Property of zcj_DealerNumber set with the other dealer’s CEOJuice dealer number. If you do not service the machine, you MUST have Tech Assignment be the other dealer and the Tech Employee Record MUST have Custom Property of zcj_DealerNumber set with the other dealer’s number. We also highly recommend using Custom Property of zcj_DealerInitDate to indicate the date you wish to start syncing so no existing service calls are synced as that will cause duplication.

You can find the other dealers CEOJuice Customer Number via the Dealer Search option with your ID890 subscription:


You will need to set up an eAuto Employee Tech Record for each dealer you want to sync with regardless of whether you only do ShipIn’s with that dealer. You will also need to have a Customer Record for each dealer you want to sync with. Both the Employee Record and Customer Record MUST have the Custom Property zcj_DealerNumber populated.

This link provides instructions on setting up both the Employee and Customer Records.

 Once those are set, then you can begin ensuring each Equipment Record is set either with the other dealers Tech Employee Record for Tech Assignment OR the BillTo on the Equipment Record is set with the other dealers Customer Record. The Equipment Record should never have both.

This link provides instructions on setting the Equipment Record as needed.

ID890 subscription and variable set up:

VariableW needs to contain the dealer number(s) you wish to sync with. Please note, the sync will not work (even if eAuto Equipment Records are configured) until this variable is updated. This is also a great control mechanism for you to turn on/off syncing with any dealer.


Additionally, we will need at least one email to receive notice of errors/issues of syncing in Variable8 and Variable9:


Lastly, please also list at least one email as a recipient under to: or cc: as this sends a daily summary of syncing:


Once you are ready to start syncing with another dealer, we are more than happy to coordinate an online meeting so we can review and test the syncing with a test service call.

We do recommend starting with jut one dealer and ideally one that is already successfully syncing with other dealers to help expedite the process for both of you.

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