ID436 - Push Models to List in HubSpot Overview & Sample

In the old days you would give the sales or telemarketing team a list of old equipment or a manufacturer line you no longer supported and they would start dialing. Today you can email all contacts related to that equipment and include links on the reasons they might want to upgrade. Then you give the sales team a much shorter list of people who clicked links and are actually interested in upgrading plus show what links/features they are interested in.

This process will push a list of contacts who have placed service calls for those models in to HubSpot and create a list.

You can use this process even if you don't have HubSpot: just keep it in Mode 3 or Mode 4 (Variable6).

If using Mode 1 or Mode 2 (Variable6), you must also be subscribed to ID411 and the HubSpot List Name variable must be provided.

You must be using the marketing version of HubSpot with CEO Juice listed as the partner.



Email from CEOJuice:

Property on Contact in HubSpot:



Variable1: A list of model numbers to EXCLUDE (separated by a comma)

Variable2: Number of years since install date (or record create date if no install date)

Variable3: Number of months back to look for contacts linked to service calls

Variable4: Name of list we create in HubSpot (must be static list, dynamic lists can not be manually updated). This variable is required for Mode 1 or 2, but not for Mode 3 or 4.

"ListPerModel" will create a Contact List for each Model.

"ListPerMake" will create a Contact List for each Make.

"ListPerModelCategory" will create a Contact List for each Category (segment).

Any other value will create a single Contact List with the name specified.

Variable5: A list of makes to EXCLUDE (separated by a comma)

Variable6: Mode:

1 = Update HubSpot List.

2 = check Contact status against HubSpot, but do not update.

3 = Generate a list only. IF you don't use HubSpot, you can still use this ID to get a list of Contacts.

4 = Get a summary list of the top Models by count of Machines and count of Contacts. If you're not sure which Models to target, start here.

Variable7: Manufacturer Discontinued Date (MM/DD/YY)

Variable8: Service Discontinued Date (MM/DD/YY)

These discontinued date(s) pulled from eAuto Model Record:




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