ID438 - Push Key Services to HubSpot Overview

Our process ID789 identifies customers who are not using all of your key services. We update this information in eAutomate (custom property) as well as making it available for your CRM guys to pull back to your CRM. This process will push the list of services used to a field (created by our process, no need for you to create) on the company record in HubSpot. Allowing you to market to all your customers not using all your (or a specific) key services. Perhaps leveraging your promoters (ID437) to recommend you to the person in charge of the key service not in place.

You must be using the marketing version of HubSpot with CEO Juice listed as the partner. You must also have ID789 configured.

Variable1: Mode: 

1 = Update HubSpot

2 = Test Mode (email output only)



Property on Customer in HubSpot:



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