ID437 - Push Promoters to HubSpot Overview

Promoters are raving fans who have answered a 9 or 10 to the question "how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague" on a scale of zero to ten. By definition these guys are willing to recommend you so why not ask them to recommend you to other people at their company in charge of other products/services you offer that they currently don't use.

This will push the survey details in to HubSpot along with the contact if they don't exist. The process will create a list in HubSpot “Promoters – NPS”. Also, any Contact created/updated (via any of our Tasks) should be identifiable by filtering on the eAuto fields.

We suggest you use ID438 to get these raving fans promoting you wider in your account.

You must be using the marketing version of HubSpot with CEO Juice listed as the partner. Must also be running CEO Juice surveys.


Variable1: Mode: 

1 = Update HubSpot

2 = Test Mode (email output only)



Email from CEOJuice:

**Please note the email shows (1) the source which indicates if HubSpot created the contact or if CEO Juice created the contact as a promoter. And (2) email provides you a link that will take you straight to the Contact in HubSpot

Property on Contact in HubSpot:


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