ID439 - Manage HubSpot Contacts Overview

HubSpot charges based on the number of contacts at a monthly rate of $50 for every 1,000 contacts. However there are often many contacts within the HubSpot database that you are paying for but not able to market to. This includes undeliverables, hardbounces, unknown contacts like a gmail address, duplicates etc. For CEO Juice when we tested this process of 10,234 contacts we were paying HubSpot for we were only able to market to 3,891 contacts. We were effectively paying an additional $350 per month for contacts we could not market to.

This does not include contacts who never respond to any marketing and could potentially also be removed.

This process will delete those contacts while keeping a record.

You must be using the marketing version of HubSpot with CEO Juice listed as the partner.


VariableW: PruneBounces

VariableX: PruneDomains - Automatically remove Contacts for all domains in your list. 1 for yes, 0 for no.

VariableY: Domains - list of domain names that you consider to be unusable for marketing (comma separated -,,,,,,

VariableZ: EarliestDate? Alert will track the date in last processed and will only notify you of Contact created since then. But the first time it runs, how far back do you want to look?

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