ID335 - Stale Inventory for Overstock Parts Network OEM Connect Overview & Sample:

Overstock Parts Network, a division of BEI Services will buy back your stale inventory. This alert will email a list of stale inventory (just like ID75), based on your parameters, in a format that’s easy for them to import and price, allowing OPN to get you a quote quicker. Can be set to run once a quarter, come from your parts person with a copy to OPN ( so they can just reply with a quote. This report can also be used for OEM Connect

Alert will deliver in .csv format so you can create an actionable list with varying parameters.

Variable Options:

**Please note does NOT report on both ItemCategory (VariableW) and ServiceCodeCategory (VariableZ). Leave VarW blank to report on ServiceCodeCategory listed in VarZ OR leave VarZ blank to report on ItemCategory listed in VarW.**

VariableW - Item Category Code(s) to select for report (Separate list with commas):


VariableX - Cost Exceeding $XX (whole number only, i.e. 5 for $5.00)

VariableY - No usage in Y Days from Today 

VariableZ - As an alternative to select specific inventory category codes in VariableW above, you can indicate here if you want to select items based upon the assigned Service Codes category of P or S.  'P" would select use all items that have service codes with codecategory 'Part' , or 'S' for service codes with 'Supply' associated. There are other options for ServiceCode besides P and S, depending on what version of eAuto you're on:


Variable1 - Enter in Warehouse#(s) () for QTY on hand from (leave BLANK for ALL)

Variable2 -Enter in Warehouse#(s) to check for Usage History from (leave BLANK for ALL)

**ID335 is hard coded to not consider any Item created in last 550 days** 


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