Want to know how your sales team stacks up against your competitors?


How are your sales force performing? Do they stack up against your competitors? If they are doing ok now, can they meet the demands of your business in the next couple of years or are they competent for the copier sale but not for a services and solutions led sale.

We have a number of metrics to show us how your service techs are performing, but now we are turning our attention to sales. If you are able to track the key metrics, you should be able to anticipate which of your sales guys are on track to achieve their objectives. You can establish if you are generating enough quality opportunities for reps to hit their targets, and in addition you should be able assess the impact of your sales activities


 It should no longer be a mystery why sales guys do or don’t hit their target, and there should no longer be a waiting game wondering which reps will perform well or badly. Sales Analytics will help you to regain control, and provides you with the data to identify issues and also the tools to help coach sales people to improve, and increase their chances of hitting target.

Our recent post on Quarterly Business Reviews was all about ensuring Sales guys are adhering to best practice and that you can track that best practice. Not only confirming that they undertook that QBR but did they cover key services, NPS Data, billing accuracy etc.

We would welcome your input on which metrics are key (see here for more ) but in the meantime we have devised a short questionnaire to help you take stock of how well your sales team are currently operating and provide a benchmark against best in class, and perhaps as importantly the copier dealer market as a whole. We will provide tailored feedback on your completed questionnaire within 24 hours and we will share the results of the completed surveys (anonymously) so that you can see how you measure up against other dealers.

Thanks for taking the time, this should only take 10 minutes or less…..

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