ID881 - High Scan Volume Overview & Sample

To identify equipment that have a high scan volume where you are putting a lot of parts in the Doc Feeder but a low print/copy volume. Suggest you have terms in your contract to allow you to charge for scans when they are higher than image volume. NOTE you must be collecting scan meters for this alert to work!

The alert is reporting a comparison of Avg3MonthVolume values for all billable meters.


Line 1 in sample above is showing an Avg3MoVolume of scans of 160,301 and the total of ALL Avg3MoVolumes is only 160,519 therefore they’re burning up the scanner RECENTLY in comparison to print clicks recorded.


VariableW: Threshold on which to trigger (for instance '0.50' to trigger where Scan clicks are at least 50% of total clicks (defaults to 50%)

VariableX: MeterTypes not of Category 'Scanner' to consider as scan clicks (separated by comma)

VariableY: MeterTypes of Category 'Scanner' to ignore (separated by comma)

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