Tracking Referrals

 When Gary completed his certification on Net Promoter Score the key take away quote was "A 5% increase in retention can result in a 50 to 100% increase in profit". This all tied in to the cost of acquiring a new customer versus keeping the ones you have.

A major focus for CEO Juice will be looking at how we can help our clients create sustainable growth through a focus on Customer Loyalty. This starts with measuring your Net Promoter Score, however we have lots of plans to expand this area.

A key metric that this new focus requires, is for you to understand how many of your new customers were referred to you and we suggest you try to track this information.

We suggest you use our Equipment Install Survey (ID312) to track it.

We also suggest you have a separate survey for a new customer versus additional equipment to an existing customer and that you add the question below to the survey.

Were you referred to us by a 3rd party, if yes please list them so we can say thank you, if no please state primary reason for choosing us.

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