Setting Up Recurring AP Invoices in eAuto

AP Copy Invoice Function:

In eAuto you can use the 'Copy' Invoice function. You cannot copy Purchase Order Invoices:

1.   Select the vendor invoice to copy.
Note: You cannot copy purchase order invoices.

2.   Click [Copy]. e-automate copies the invoice and opens the New-Vendor Invoice window with the selected invoice’s details.

3.   Make modifications to the invoice as necessary. You can change the entire invoice, but typically you would change the following fields:

·         Vendor invoice

·         Invoice date

·         Due by



AP Recurring Invoices:

As of eAuto 16.1 (and higher), feature available to set up Recurring AP Invoices:

(Please also attached release notes from ECi)

**Please use eAuto online help resource here:

A few notes:

1. There really isn't a best practice on the invoice number but using the date can be helpful practice.

2. If you pay them on the first of the month, then the next date would be the 1st of the next month.

3. "Recur until" tells eAutomate to post the recurring invoice each month until that date hits, so you will want to input the date that you no longer need to pay the invoices. There may even be a recur indefinitely cycle for things like rent that will go on indefinitely.



Basic Instructions:


1.         From the Accounting menu, select Accounts Payable > Recurring accounts payable invoices to open the Recurring accounts payable invoices window.

2.         Click [New] to open the New - window.


1.         In the Vendor field, use the lookup icon to select the vendor from whom you are receiving the recurring invoices. The system populates the Phone field based on the vendor selected and sets the Type field to Vendor invoice.

2.         In the Description field, enter a brief description for the recurring vendor invoice.

3.         In the Purchaser field, use the lookup icon to select the person in your company who is making the purchase.
Note: Only employees flagged as purchasers are displayed in the Purchaser Lookup. This field can be set by your administrator to automatically populate with a main purchaser.

4.         In the Recurring no. field, enter a number unique to this recurring invoice.

5.         In the Number field, you can allow e-automate to automatically assign the next available number by leaving the (Next) in the field or you may enter a custom number.

6.         In the Vendor invoice field, enter the vendor's invoice number for this recurring invoice.

7.         In the Posting cycle field, use the lookup icon to select how frequently you want e-automate to post the recurring entry.

8.         In the Next date field, if you set a posting cycle for your recurring entry, set the next date you want the recurring invoice to post.

9.         If you want the system to post the recurring invoice on the last day of each month, check the Last day of month checkbox.
Note: If you enter the last day of the month in the Next date field, the system automatically checks the Last day of month checkbox. If this box is checked when you post a recurring invoice, the system will default the Next date field's value to the last day of the next month (e.g., a Next date of 1/31 will cycle forward—in a non-leap year—to 2/28, then to 3/31, and so on).

10.     In the Amount field, enter the amount due on recurring vendor invoices.


You can add New billing cycle as needed:



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