ID916 - Cross-Posting Customer Custom Property Create Grandparent) Overview & Sample:

Many clients use Custom Properties to differentiate Customer Records in ways not easily done directly through eAutomate. For example use Custom Property to designated the Master Account a group of BillTo customers belong to (essentially creating a 'grandparent' to go along with the parent (BillTo) and child (Location) customer records). Or other clients designate which customer locations are/are not being monitored by DCA or are being serviced by a Linux as opposed to Windows server environment.

However, to filter eAuto reports or CEO Juice Custom Reports by Custom Properties is not an option. Even pulling Custom Property info into customized eViews is complicated. This alert will take the contents of your specialized Custom Property and automatically populate the 'website' field on the Customer Record with that info. This website field is much more accessible via many Custom Reports and eViews allowing you to consider that Custom Property when running reports. 

This process runs every evening looking for new records where the Custom Property (listed in VariableW) contents has been set, changed or wiped and alters the entry in the Website field accordingly. It will also send you a list of changes made. We install this alert in Test Mode first so you can review before we switch it to live and make changes to your eAuto data.



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