Old Crystal Version - ID674 Service History Overview & Sample

ID674 Explanation

This report at the Eqp level shows Service History for a given customer or contract across a given time frame. For each Eqp there is a rollup of service details (including total calls, volume, average response time and up/down hours) and some detail on each call within the period. With this tool you can show you customer exactly what they're getting in the way of service, and the roll-up numbers will show them exactly how good you are at it.

Once this alert has been activated for you, the report will be available to you in eAuto under Reports Console/Custom Reports.


This report has lots of filter options, so please be sure to pay close attention to which filters you are using as it will greatly affect the output. As you select the varying filters, you will see your filter selections listed in the box:


Your most important filters are by Customer, Contracts, Equipment and Date.

*If you filter by customer, but “Include All” for both contracts, equipment and date filters, then you will receive a service history for ALL equipment under the account.

*If you filter by contracts, but “Include All” for both customer, equipment filters, and date, then you will receive all equipment listed under the specific contract number (regardless of whether the equipment or customer under contract number has changed over time).

*If you filter by equipment (aka ID#), but “Include All” for both customer, contracts, and date, then you will receive the service history for that specific machine ID# for its lifetime of service in eAuto. The service history will include all customers and contracts the machine has ever been listed under.

*If you use the date filter in any combination, please note the report produced will only reflect the service history for that time period within the filters you have assigned.


The next section of filters affects the display properties of the report:




Uptime Target Total Available – working hours available less any holiday hours per year entered in eAuto (you must have service hours, holiday’s, etc. listed in Tools/List and Codes/Service Hours/Daily Hours Tab and Holiday Tab)

Display of Equipment – choose whether to display all equipment meeting your filter or just the equipment with service calls meeting your filter

Group By – group the report output results by one of the following:

                Equipment Location

                Bill To Customer Location

                Contract Number

                Contract Type


Show service call details – shows details of service call including call description


Show Only CM Calls – shows only corrective maintenance service calls


Hide Uptime Results – available uptime less downtime - select whether to include Uptime results on the report

Hide Response Times – select whether to include tech response time on the report


Sample Report:


1.  This section shows you the filters used.

2.  This section shows you the service history totals for the customer (since this example is filtered by customer).


 **Please note the TOTAL Service Calls reflects lifetime service calls; whereas, the Service Calls This and/or Last Year reflect the date range selected in your filter options**


This entire portion of report is specific to one machine. The meter info, service dates, contract info all populate based on the filters I selected when originally running the report.

Service Calls Last Year = Last Full Calendar Year

Service Calls This Year = This Calendar Year to Date


Some things to keep in mind:

Avg Monthly Volume – this average is specific to your filters.

If you filter by contract and equipment, then the average monthly volume is ONLY based on that contract. If you do NOT filter by contract, but DO filter by equipment, then the average monthly volume will be for the lifetime of the machine regardless of which contract(s) it has been a part of. If you filter by equipment, contract and time, then the average monthly volume will ONLY reflect average for that ID#, under that contract, during filtered time period.

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