Does CEO Juice support MWA's Forza SAP Platform?

Forza is an eAutomate competitive product based on an SAP platform with customization for the copier channel.

We will occasionally get asked if we support MWA's platform. We do not for several reasons.

Firstly it is a fair amount of additional work to support a second platform and as of 2017 there are only 20 to 25 dealers using Forza, most of them small.

This compares to almost 2,000 dealers running ECi's platform, so ECi has 99% of the market and Forza has 1%.

While MWA may claim that you don't need CEO Juice if you move to Forza the reality is that their platform is based on SQL and requires someone to help organize the data, so if not the Juice team then you will need to hire someone and that person is unlikely to match our skill level.

Forza also claim that they have one product to do everything but in our opinion that is the old approach to software. Today platforms like SalesForce excel based on the multitude of bolt on platforms available.

We would love ECi to have some competition, unfortunately we're not convinced Forza is it.

This PC Mag review of SAP says
SAP Business One Professional has good features and flexibility overall, but is designed as an "old school" enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform. It may be too complex for many users especially small to midsize businesses (SMBs).

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