ID356 - Meter Type Mapping App and SSRS Report Overview & Sample

Provides you a Mapping App to set which meters should go to your corresponding eAuto Meter Types. We will also install an SSRS Report that will email to you each day the results of what meters imported into eAuto as well as those that couldn't due to an error.


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Mapping App

Mapping App

Mapping App is used to set how meter sources from your DCA are to be imported into eAuto. You set in the app which eAuto meter type (i.e. B/W, Color, Scanner) each DCA meter type should be aligned with. This ensures when meters are automatically entered into eAuto, the meter goes to the correct meter type.






Go to Meter Types to see the various meter types provided by your DCA:

Shows if this DCA Mete Type is mapped to an eAuto Meter Type



Go to Mappings to see how DCA Meter Type have been mapped / pointed to which eAuto Meter Types:



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SSRS Report

SSRS Report

SSRS Report will show that days results, including errors, of meters imported from your DCAs

This report will also be emailed daily

Page 1 shows errors:

Negative value indicates mapping not found = this meter type has not been mapped in mapping app

Read Invalid due to less or equal to previous = meter reading from DCA is the less than or equal to previously entered valid meter reading listed in eAuto

Read Invalid due to ValidationBuffer = meter is considered invalid per your validation buffers set in eAuto





Page 2 will show the meters successfully entered into eAuto with variance % between current and previous meter:




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