ID412 - Spreadsheet Contract Invoice (OLDER non SSRS version) Overview & Sample

ID412 Explanation and Set Up

Some end user customers have a need to receive a spreadsheet breakdown of each contract invoice that shows the location/address/city/state/model of the equipment with the clicks/charges for each machine so they can charge back their internal departments accordingly.  This alert sends a single .csv file (to the contact on the contract) that can be imported into excel and reads the information from the contract invoice meterbilling tables.  It uses the same distributed check box that the invoice print routine provides to allocate the base/overage charges across the equipment by BW & Color according to the % of clicks each machine ran against the meter group totals.  Since we are using that same logic this report should match the eAutomate invoice printout.  Base rates have to be billed at the meter group level in order for it to show on this report.  If your customer is using cost centers we identify that as the value following the first carriage return (enter key) in the equipment location block.

This alert sends one file to the single contact on the contract when the contract is invoiced.  Alert 426 combines all the equipment assigned to common contact and sends an email to each equipment contact with all equipment assigned to them.


Custom Property Set Up CLICK HERE


Any existing contract can be set up to send invoice in .csv format to your client. (Even cpc contracts billing no base) Please follow these step by step instructions for set up:

1. Set contract contact to individual to receive invoice in .csv file format (be sure to include email address in contact info set up):


2. Set contract Customer Properties as follows: (also see for more detail)



Group Contract Special Instructions:

Please note in order for group contract to best send info by equipment, then group contract will need to be set up to “Use Equipment Base Rates” as shown below:


The meter group needs to be set at “Apply meter group charges” as shown below:



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