ID286 - Excel Active Contract Equipment by Zip Code with Volume/Segment/Model (MIF/Territory) Overview & Sample:

REQUIRES EXCEL 2007 or HIGHER!!!: This an Excel Spreadsheet to query out the data from eAuto and will find all active contract equipment and report machine location/zip/territory/technician/#CMCalls/Volume/Revenue/Cost/Customer for the last rolling 12 months. The spreadsheet reports by Zip Code, and then by territory within that Zip Code. MIF. Will show average monthly usage. Requires that the connection string be updated in the excel data portion for each client!!! This report is run manually so there is no need to input 'To' and 'From' addresses in the email section. You manually update the data for this report by looking under the Data tab within the Spreadsheet 

**You may also want to consider ID923/Contract MIF Report


Please note this excel document has pivot tables for sorting and filtering. This sample below is showing population by zip code.



If you are refreshing data after having already done an upload in the past, please check the following (likely due to server changes from your IT Dept):

1. Open spreadsheet, if you see the following security prompt, click on the Enable Content button:


2. Click on Data on the main toolbar

3. Click on Properties


4. In the Connection Properties pop-up window, click on the Definition tab


5. In the Connection String text area, change the Data Source to your new server name: 


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