ID667 - Update Equipment Leases, step by step

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Login: user

Password: lease667

The default login password is lease667, click here for how to change that. 

Go to the Import tab and either Fetch Lease Data (for GreatAmerica) or upload a spreadsheet.


We have a spreadsheet template for US Bank right now but can add others. The lease companies listed are based on lease companies used in your eAuto Service Leases:


The first time template for Lease Co. is downloaded, you will need Import and assign column header rows on lease co spreadsheet to correspond to mapping app. Lease Field (standard names that can't be changed) corresponds to our mapping app and LeaseCompanyField corresponds to your uploaded spreadsheet:


Here is completed template:


  1. Browse to find the spreadsheet
  2. Hit save
  3. Create a batch
  4. We show how many records were imported in to the App



  1. Go to the lease Tab to see the imported leases
  2. Change Records to show to all
  3. Apply mapping to have the App match to the data in eAuto

Switch records back to a smaller number.



If the App picks the wrong lease or can't get a match use the search function. Will look at eAuto Service Leases so you can search and manually map:



We show the eAuto columns in yellow next to the leasing company info. The Pink fields are where the info does not match.

    1. Choose how many rows you want to work with at one time 
    2. Apply mapping will update discrepancies and show new matches, but not change in eAuto yet 
    3. Bulk update to complete mapping for just checked off item - changed immediate
    4. Check all and update the whole page or Check the line and update that line
    5. Filter by leasing company if needed





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