Analytics - Common Failures and How to Fix

There are some common errors that we see with ECI's Digital Analytics. Below is a walk through of some common errors that we see and how to get the tables updating again.  This process will clear any current analytic data and manually populating those tables again can take up a lot of resources which could cause a slow down, if this is a concern for you we recommend going through this process after hours. 


If you have received the ceojuice alert notifying you that DGI's analytic tables may not be updating the first step will be to check the da_DataProcess and the da_DataProcessService in the event viewer for any errors.  It's easiest to see potential errors by filtering the view.  Go to Windows logs- Application - Filter current log (its on the right) click on the drop down arrow for event sources, choose both da_DataProcess and da_DataProcessService the choose okay.



The top errors that we see are a variation of the ones below.  The most common and frequently seen error is with the most recent 17.1 version, it will be some variation of the error cannot insert duplicate key row in object similar to below.


Also common but not always as frequent are an errors referencing  Sales Code, Foreign Key or Primary Key errors and NULL into account errorID



For any of these errors mentioned you will need to reset the data to clear the error.  To do this open up da_Config (the one with the wrench) if CEOJuice has installed analytics for you there is often an icon on the desktop.  If not you will find it where Digital Analytics is installed, in most recent versions that will be C:Program Files (x86)\ECI\Digital Analytics.  


Double click to open the da_config Application and right click on your live analytic database.  You will be prompted for your eadmin password.  After the password is entered a drop down menu will appear, choose Reset Digital Analytics Data.  A message will appear, are you certain you wish to reset/clear all digital analytics data?  Say yes to proceed, an hour glass will appear, once the hour glass disappears the data has been reset.



From here you have two options.  1. Manually populate the tables again to ensure there are no further errors.  2. Let the automatic process that fires off at night populate the tables again for you.  To manually populate the tables open up the da_DataProcess application, an icon should also be on the desktop if not it is found in the same place the da_Config was. Double click to open, enter your eauto credentials and choose yes when prompted.  




Lastly resetting the Digital Analytics data removes our db owner rights into the analytic database.  There are some alerts that will fail without these rights being granted and we loose our ability to get a reading on your analytic database so it's an important last step to complete.  Depending on your SQL server set up there may be more than one variation of reinstating those rights but below outlines the most common one.  Click the plus sign beside Security to get the drop down, go to logins and look for our SQL username, most often this is CEOJuice.  Double click on our user name to open up the properties, click on user mapping and put a check mark in the box next to the analytic database and also a check mark below next to the db_owner box.


If you have any questions or need any assistance regarding the above instructions please reach out to ECi for support on further addressing issues. 








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