Creating API Keys in ConnectWise

An API member needs to be created in ConnectWise as part of the setup for using the ConnectWise integrations. The API member is solely used for authenticating API calls, which means they do not occupy a ConnectWise license or have access to the ConnectWise User Interface and its assets.

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API Keys

To create API keys in ConnectWise:

1. Go to System (1) and click on Member (2).



2. Click on the API Members tab (1) and then click on the plus sign (2) to create a new member.



3. Complete the required fields for a new API member and save the member.

Member Name (1) is the name that will show in the audit trail. The Role ID (2) sets the security permissions for the API user. Normally, our user is granted full permissions, but if you want to restrict the permissions granted, see notes here on the minimum permissions required.


**Be sure to set the Level of the API user to Corporate (Level 1). If the Level of the API member is set to either Location (Level 2) or Sales (level 3) we will not be able to view information for all of your companies (agreements, sales orders and service calls). 

4. Open the member record again, click on the API keys tab (1) and then click on the plus sign (2) to create new API keys.



5. Enter a description and then click on the Save button.


**It's REALLY important to click SAVE and not SAVE and CLOSE as the only time you will be able to see the private key is BEFORE you close the newly created record.


6. Write down the public and private API keys.



7. In addition to the public and private API keys, we need the URL and Company name for the ConnectWise instance. These can be found on the ConnectWise login page:



Add API Keys to Website

Add API Keys to Website

After the API keys have been created, you'll need to add them to the CEOJuice website.

Once logged into the website, click on Profile (1), Integrations (2), and then click on the ConnectWise button (3). In the pop-up window, enter the private key, public key, Company Name, and ConnectWise URL (4). Click on the Save (5) button when done to save the keys.


You do need to have admin rights to the CEOJuice website to add the keys. You can also email us the API key information and we will add it to the website for you.


API Permissions

API Permissions

Usually, our API user is granted full security permissions, but if you would like to scale back the permissions granted, these are the minimum requirements:

updated API security permissions.jpg

Please keep in mind these are subject to change based on the specific part of the integration that you are using.

Service Board Permissions

Service Board Permissions

For the ID965 service ticket sync, our API user needs to have permissions to each service board in ConnectWise that tickets will be pulled from. This access can be set on the board:

board access.jpg

Our API user will need to be listed on the Member Access tab with "Access" in the Board Access column.

Or access can be set via the API member record:

member access.jpg

Any boards listed in the Restrict Board Access section are ones that our API user CANNOT access. Be sure that any boards listed here will NOT have tickets that should be synced via ID965.

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