How to Pay our Invoices on the Juice Payments Portal - Register, Make a Payment, Set up AutoPay

You can view and download copies of invoices, pay open invoices online using ACH or CC, and set up auto pay all on the Juice Payments portal

To have access to all these options you will need to set up a login


Shortcut Links How to Create a Login | How to View Invoices | How to Pay Invoices Schedule AutoPayGive Admin Access to Your Users


How to Create a Login

How to Create a Login


NOTE if you have a CEO Juice login for it does not work on the Juice Payment site, a separate registration is required

Go to


Enter your email address and assign a password, use the email address that you currently receive invoices to, then select Register.

A validation email will be sent from, to the email address you registered with, open that email (check junk folder if it’s not in your inbox).


Click on the link in the email to confirm

Validate_email.png*If you didn’t receive your verification email you can choose Resend email confirmation.  After you have registered, if you have forgotten your password you can choose Forgot your password.


You can now login using those credentials at 


*  *  *

How to View invoice

How to View Invoices


Once logged in your default homepage will be the below, where you can view a single invoice under invoice search, see all open invoices, save payment details and manage your user profile.



Invoice Search, opens up a search page to view single invoices by entering the invoice number, invoice due date and postal code (you do not have to be logged in to view this page) 



Open Invoices, allows you to see all open invoices.  Hover over the invoice number to view the entire invoices

List of multiple invoices



If you get a messages saying Don’t see the invoice you're looking for?  It’s possible there are no open invoices or you have registered with an email address that is not originally associated with that invoice.


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How to Pay Invoices

How to Pay Invoices


Under Open Invoices, display all your companies open invoices



To make a payment for one invoice, in the Invoice # column click on the red linked invoice# to open it up. 


Displays the invoice details, download icon to obtain copy of invoice, and your two payment options


Select your payment option, ACH or Credit Card, enter payment details, click Pay at the bottom to process payment.





A payment confirmation number will pop up, and you will also be emailed a payment confirmation.



Paying multiple invoices with the one payment

On the Invoice drop down tab choose Open Invoices.  To pay more than one invoice at the same time choose  Add to the batch pay queue for each invoice you want to pay, then choose payment amount above to open the payment screen.



The invoices you choose to pay are listed on the left and the total amount at the top, enter payment information below to complete.

*  *  *

Schedule AutoPay

Schedule AutoPay

To set up autopay, click Automatically pay invoices at the bottom of the screen.  Select day of month you want the invoice to auto pay, end date, option to set a min. or max $ amount, and assign what type of invoice/s can be included in the Autopay.



If there are no open invoices you can go directly to Save Payment Details from the landing page


1.  Choose Payment Method

2.  Enter Payment Details

3.  Choose when to auto pay on due date of a specific day of the month, set termination date, a min or max dollar amount and choose types of invoices applicable to auto pay

4.  Choose Submit Auto Pay at the bottom to save all payment details



Give Admin Access to Your Users

Give Admin Access to Your Users

In order for your company's users to be able to see/pay CEO Juice invoices, as well as access your customer's payments/invoices (if using ID669) see below on how to grant the user(s) admin access.

1. From gear dropdown select Users

portal 1.png

2. The furthest right column controls admin access. You can hover over the icon in that user's row and it will say you can click to either add or remove admin access.

portal 2.png


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