ID436 - Brother Equipment Sales Report Overview & Sample:

Automatically receive Brother VPP Sales Report each month for submittal to Brother.

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As part of Brother's Value Print Program, they require detailed information be provided monthly by their partners in order to receive a 3-year warranty on their Brother printers and MFPs. Once the data is received by the Brother DSM, it is sent to corporate to upload into their system. This is used to manage how they provide technical support to partners. Unfortunately, if this information is not received and the serial number is not registered, the partner's warranty support is denied. As you can imagine it creates support delays which they want to eliminate. The goal to automate this process and ultimately make it easier for partners. This process will email the report in the correct format for Brother so you can simply forward the report to Brother.


Run Schedule: Last day of the month evening

Type of Output: Email and On Demand SSRS Report


*  *  *



Email sent:


Contents of attachment provided in email:



*  *  *



This process has no variables


*  *  *

Alert Functionality

Alert Functionality

1. Reports on monthly Equipment Sales per eAuto Sales Orders fulfilled/billed for period filter. 

2. Only considers Make = Brother


3. If the report did not run automatically for you (likely your server was offline on last day of month), then please go to your On Demand SSRS Report 'Brother Equipment Sales - ID436' to run manually and export to excel. See OnDemand Report Filters header below for details.

4. Use Custom Property VPP-BPROG Code on Sales Order to include Brother Warranty Code in spreadsheet (Column B). See this link for creating the custom property that will be assigned to a Sales Order  

5. You can include toner sales on the report by adding Make and Model of Brother to Toner Item Records in e-Auto. Be sure to create Dummy Model just for this process.


Model: Brother Model

Description: DO NOT USE-for Brother Warranty Reporting ONLY (ID436 CEO Juice)


*  *  *


OnDemand Report Filters

OnDemand Report Filters


1. Enter Date Range - based on date Sales Order fulfilled/billed


2. Export to excel so you can send as needed:

*  *  *


Best Practices & Tips

Best Practices & Tips

1. Report column headers explained:


Reseller Dealer: Branch Customer Name from Sales Order

VPP-BPROG Code: per value you've listed in Custom Property VPP-BPROG Code on Sales Order

Distributor: Vendor Name listed on Purchase Order Receipt


End User Account: Main Customer listed on Equipment Record


Install Date: Equipment Record Install Date

Hardware Model: Equipment Record Model

Serial Number: Equipment Record Serial Number

Store Number Customer Number: Main Customer listed on Equipment Record (same as End User Account)

First Name, Last Name: per (a) Ordered by Contact on Sales Order, if none, then is the (b) Equipment contact listed on Equipment Record

(a) Ordered by:


(b) Equipment Record Equipment contact:


Street Address, City, State, Zip, Phone: per Main Customer Record on Equipment Record


Custom Property

Custom Property

Creating Custom Property VPP-BPROG Code (must be exactly this Attribute name)

Step 1:

Go to Lists & Codes, Attributes to create new

Attribute name: VPP-BPROG Code

Description: BPROG Code for CEOJuice ID436

Data type: Text 



Step 2:

Add VPP-BPROG Code attribute to Sales Order configuration

Make sure you have a configuration where Group = Sales Order Properties:


If you do, then edit the Sales Order Configuration and add VPP-BPROG Code:


If you do NOT, then (1) select New, (2) Enter name, description, and select group, (3) add VPP-BPROG Code attribute, (4) select OK:



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Related Alerts

Related Alerts

None at this time


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