Sending our Processes directly into a Microsoft Teams Channel

We have the ability to post an alert directly into your Microsoft Teams in addition to, or in place of sending to emails listed in a subscription of an alert.

The idea is to have a Teams channel for each of your company's department that wants to get notified, then @people in that channel as you act on the message, an example of a use case...

A tech orders parts costing more than $500 and reschedules the call WP, our process ID55 alerts when a tech orders parts costing higher than a specific $. You could direct this notification into the Service Team Channel and the service manager would say, "@purchasing don't order this yet I need to talk to the tech... @tech come see me before end of day, I have a used scrap machine in the back that you can likely pick these parts from".

This could work in conjunction with the existing emails in the subscription, or you could choose to set an alert to only send to a Teams Channel.

In each subscription there is a field to enter the email address for the teams channel, multiples can be entered and separated by a comma.


If the  Teams Channel email has never been used in a subscription before, there are a few steps you will need to take:

1. Find the email address of a the Teams channel; click on the 3 dots to the right of the channel


  • Email requesting CEOJuice to add this email address as a 'trusted email' to your company account. If you are not the main contact we have listed on your CEOJuice account (or the President/owner of the company) please have them send in the request to add or include one of  them on your email to us. We will need approval to add (we will need the exact spelling of the email address, best to copy/paste from Teams to us, do not type to avoid typos). If you have multiple Teams email channels that you want added, we will need all listed out.
  • If you are not sure if the email is on the trusted list, when you try to add it to a subscription you will get an error message 


  • Once we have added that email to your account, the email/s can be added to any subscription controlled by you at any time.

Note, we have a few processes that are sent from our server, and they cannot be pushed into your Teams Channel at this time. They are process ID78, ID79, ID470, ID785 and ID879.

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