ID669 - ACH approval (NMI/Paya)

NMI will require a electronic check digital application before you can go live on ACH, note that NMI uses Paya as default for ACH. CEO Juice needs to set you up in the portal before you can apply, if not set up email our to get you started.  The application says they require a personal guarantee, our advice is to say company policy does not allow that, we have not had pushback.

If your bank statements PDF is too large to upload, just include the 1st page or fax it.


Note that the basic version of Paya ACH does not support check guarantee, this means if your customers enters their bank account information incorrectly (the routing number and # of digits are checked) Paya will process the payment, then remove the funds from your bank account a few days later. (We are working on adding check guarantee.)

Note that by default NMI/Paya set a Max Ticket Amount of $10k over a 6 day period. If your customer goes to pay invoices that total over $10k from the same bank account within a 6 day period the transaction will fail. We have not seen issues getting Paya to increase this, just let their support know what max ticket amount you want., copy



Application Checklist

You will need to provide the following;

  1. Business License 
  2. Bank statements for last three months
  3. Voided check from your intended operating bank account for ACH transactions

Log in to the Merchant Portal, from the homepage on the left side panel → click on 'Electronic Check' →

Electronic Check again from the drop down. 

NMI Sign In.jpgNMI Electronic Check.jpg


NMI's fee structure shows on the following screen, choose Sign Up in green at the bottom.


NMI Electronic Check Fee Structure.jpg

Check the Billing Authorization box and then I Agree


NMI Billing Authorization.jpg

Let's Go to start the application


NMI Virtual Application Lets Go.jpg

The second section on the first page is auto filled with the same contact information that was used when CEO Juice created your account with NMI, this is also the section NMI uses for a personal guarantee which you do not have to provide. 

You can override the First and Last name to something like noPG.  Use all zeros for the birth date and the social security number.


NMI PG Section.jpg

Bank Information is at the bottom of the first page. This information is used by NMI to bill you for their fees.  This section is not editable by you (we are working with NMI to change this).

You have two options

  1. Set a meet with us to enter your bank information for billing

  2. Ask us to put in a support ticket with NMI to allow you to enter a credit card for billing


NMI Billing Information on Electronic Check App.jpg

In any case, the more information you provide us, the more quickly and easily NMI can process the application. NMI will process all applications internally within 24 hours. Following this, they need to wait for approval from our banks, which could take up to 5-7 business days. However, if an application is incomplete, then we cannot submit it to the bank until it is complete.

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