ID411 - Power BI Dealer Group Wholesale Inventory (In Development)

Got some excess inventory you need to offload? Perhaps offer it to your dealer buddies 1st?

Subscribing to this will enable you to install the Power BI Wholesale inventory report which will allow you to a) view items other dealers have available for you to buy (within your dealer group or to all dealers) and b) to publish items from your inventory you wish to wholesale.  

This process is completely dependent upon you transferring items into a specific warehouse (variable1), and then within that warehouse you use specific BINS (see required bins to be setup below) to control if you want which item(s) are visible to other dealers.  If you transfer to any bin within that warehouse other than the hardcoded Bin member groups we use to control visibility, then all dealers viewing the report will so items in those bins as available.  

You are required to setup a specific BIN for the dealer group you belong to.  The bin you create must match exactly the bins below:
ZBPCA : if you are a member of BPCA
ZCDA : if you are a CDA member
ZSDG : if your are SelectDealerGroup member 

We will add more bin / group specific names here as requests are made.  

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