Power BI - Creating Executive Dashboard

Creating a Dashboard from your CEO Juice Power BI Reports empowers you to generate captivating visual representations, including visualizations, charts, and graphs using your data. These visual elements are interactive and offer easily comprehensible insights, simplifying the communication of intricate information.


Here is the recommended Executive Dashboard this article will guide you in creating.



Here are the prerequisites for building the dashboard:

(1) All reports and their datasets are in one workspace 

(2) Datasets are refreshing successfully each day 

(3) Needed Reports by ID# are 281, 770, and 772 

(4) Must have latest version of reports from CEO Juice 

(5) Office 365 user must have at least member rights to the workspace. Use this link to see all service roles available for a workspace -


Executive Dashboard Intro:


Creating Executive Dashboard:


Linking Correct URLs:



*    *    *


You can also prevent users from being able to drill down into details from the dashboard. To do so, you will need to 'Edit the Details' for each tiled pinned. Watch the 4-min video below for instructions.


Restricting Access

Restricting Access

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