AR Reps in Customer Record

Did you know you can use the bulk update tool in eAuto to update your AR Rep listed in each cusotmer record?


Go to Tools\Bulk Updates. Select Customers. Then filter your customer list by the parameters needed to update the AR Rep.

Many of our clients have AR Reps assigned alphabetically:

If you're separating the alpha, you will want to filter by Customer Name begins with 'a'. To filter by multiple letters at the same time then just add OR after each filter and create another filter for Customer Name begins with 'b'. Once you get the desired list put a check mark next to each record you want to update. You can select multiple customer records by holding down the Shift key and clicking a record further down the list. Once you have multiple records highlighted, check one of the boxes next to a customer record and all the customer records highlighted should automatically get checked also. At the bottom select AR Rep and pick the desired AR Rep from the drop down list. Last thing is to click Update and everything is done.

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