eAuto Call Back Calculations-Prior to EA8.7

for eAuto 8.1 and below, please note eAuto service alert below 


Attention users of e-automate 8.x:

There is a known issue regarding callback calculations with e-automate, the following information explains the issue and the current resolution options available.

What is the issue?

When you have a call back set for a service call and a 2nd service call is created for the same piece of equipment within the number of days, your system will automatically set the 2nd service call to call back.

In addition, when a service call is being invoiced on a call back, the call dialog is saved but does not cancel the call back the first time you select “OK”. Currently, you have to go back into the invoice call dialog, make the change and choose OK for the service call so that it’s no longer listed as a call back call.

What is the resolution?

This issue has been addressed in version 8.7 and will be resolved when you upgrade.

There are currently scripts available for existing 8.5 users that can be obtained from ECI Customer Care department. There is a stored procedure update and a script that installs a trigger on one of our database tables to address the current issue. 

Additionally, there is a script that will uninstall the trigger that you would want to run prior to upgrading to 8.7.

Additionally, you can use the following workaround in lieu of applying the script fixes:
1. Go to the invoice call dialog
2. Enter the meter reading for the equipment on the service call that is over the ‘call back number of clicks’ value
3. Choose OK
4. Go to the invoice call dialog again and make a change so the OK button is active
5. Choose OK

Opening the invoice call dialog the 2nd time will cause the call back check to be done. Saving causes the change to be committed and the service call to be updated. The call back flag is removed if the meter reading is over the ‘call back number of clicks’ value.


 Click HERE for link to service alert.

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