Best Practices for handling PM's (ID565 ID675)

First you need to configure EA for your PM calls.

Under Tools\Options\Service Calls\Additional Options there is a setting to Roll the preventative maintenance date forward. You have the option of rolling it forward based on the Service call close date or the Preventative maintenance due date. Most people choose the Service call close date because it is rare that the PM is actually done on the exact PM due date.

If you want to schedule your PM's based on meters then you need to enable this option on the Model records you wish to track PM's by clicks. The PM due meter should be the meter of the first PM cycle for that model. The PM interval clicks should be the clicks in between PM cycles.

Last step is to configure your equipment records for how you want to track PM's for each equipment. You have the option to track it by date or by clicks.

Once you have your PM settings configured in EA, you can create an Eagent task to automatically create PM service calls based on your settings. Go into Eagent and click New. You will see a task called Auto Create PM Calls. You can create one for PM calls you want created by meters and another one for PM calls you want created based on date. You can also use the advanced filters on customers, contracts, equipment or territories to limit which ones a PM call is created for (i.e. if you only wanted to create PM calls for a specific model at a time, use the advanced filter on equipment and filter to that model only. Or if you only wanted to create PM calls for a specific contract type, use the advanced contracts filter and filter to that contract type only). At the bottom set the email address you want the notification to go to.

On the defaults tab of the Eagent task is where you set what Call Type you want the PM calls to be created with. You can also set an On Hold Code so that the call is immediately put on hold when it is created so you can stop the clock on your response time. You can set the default tech for the PM calls to be assigned to and create a description the calls will be populated with. Again, input the notification email address of who you want notified about the PM call creations.

If you don't want to have Eagent automatically create the PM calls then you can use ID565 or ID675 to be notified of PM's coming due. Full descriptions below.


ID565 - Client wanted to alert dispatch team of PM's due for next business day. This alert will only work if your company is diligent about maintaining the PM Cycle information on your equipment/models and doing PM calls in eautomate so that the next PM due date is updated properly. Equipment with no PM date will be ignored. If you want an alert to target specific machines use ID675 instead.


ID675 - List of Equipment that have enabled 'PM Based On Due Date' and the due date is within Variable W days and/or is past due. Similar to ID565 but also targets specific equipment when custom property is set to enabled.

Note: These 2 alerts are based off PM due dates only, not PM clicks. So if you want to use them for PM clicks you will have to set up a PM due date schedule in days based off their average monthly volume. So if a client averages 50,000 per month and the PM interval should be 100,000 clicks then you would set the PM days interval to 60 days on the equipment record in EA.

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