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We are working on some new processes and looking for early feedback. They fall outside our normal alerts and we will probably have to charge extra for them.

The first is around tracking emails. We think that if we gave your sales team a tool that would allow them to know when their prospects reads their email they would use it. Especially as they could see how many times the email was read, who it got forwarded to and what links were clicked. We think that if they started putting their quotes online then we could also do things like tell them when the quote was read, how many times and what links on the quote were clicked. Alerting them immediately when either a quote was viewed or an email read might allow them to call and say "I noticed you viewing our quote and wondered if you had any quick questions".

This gets more interesting however for the information we can get to the sales manager. Assuming the team all now use this cool new tool to tell what their prospects are doing we can safely assume that all email interactions with prospects are getting tracked. So now we can roll this up and show the sales manager a breakdown by rep of emails sent for the week, how many were opened, who had links clicked etc. Perhaps even look at who the sales person has forecasted to close next week and see if they are reading emails.

We could also do things like alert the sales person immediately if a suspect / prospect visits your web site.

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