ID274/ID657 - Documents stuck in processing Queue, how to resolve

 There can be several reasons why ID274/ID657 triggers.

Sample output contains Alertype, Invoicenumber, Customername, UpdatedMessage containing how long in queue as shown below:



This is normally caused by eAgent failing or not running.  You need to check and make sure eAgent is setup correctly.  If you are using the document queue for faxing, printing, and emailing documents you will need three tasks.  The task is called “Autosend Customer Queue” or “Send From Customer Document Queue”.  This task can be setup in multiple ways.  Some people want each different type of document to have its own task which allows for them to have their own schedule, send from, and subject.  You need to have every document type setup.  Below is a screen shot of the task filter page. 



To figure out which document type(s) have not been sent open the document queue in E-automate.  Report -> Customer Document Queue.


You will see the documents that have not processed. You can see the type of document that has not been processed. 


The next step is to check to see if EAgent is running.  If not restart it and it will process the documents.  We have alert ID3, which checks to see if there are any past due tasks scheduled in eAgent. Past due eAgent tasks usually indicate that eAgent is not currently running.

If eAgent is running then the next step is to find out if this document type does not have an eAgent task.  If not set it up.  Then run the task to make sure it clears out the queue. More information can be found on eAutomate Step “Auto-Sending Customer Statements (AR-2300)”.

Sometimes everything is setup and there may be a problem with eAgent.  Run the task and see if there are any errors that come up.  If an error appears contact e-automate customer support or correct the error.


The other issue that can happen with this Alert is that the invoice has not been printed manually.  This can happen because you want to use the Document queue but you forgot to change the company options.  Options -> Edit Company Settings -> Report Options (Tab).  Make sure that the items you want queued are checked.



Another item is to normally check the Auto-approve invoices sent to the document queue.  Otherwise you need to go into the document queue and approve all the emails generated before they send.


Manual: If you did not want them queued, then you just need to print or email the invoice manually.

This alert has 2 variables:

VariableW - # of days since created before document will trigger the alert

VariableX  - Branch Numbers to trigger on, separated by comma, or leave blank for ALL

 More troubleshooting:  When alerts in the queue fall behind schedule, try to manually run them (as your system may have been off-line when they should have processed).  If they run, with no error message, but continue to fall behind you may have to re-create the task (according to ECi).  However, before doing so, try changing the schedule, saving it, then changing back to the schedule you want.  If it resets and runs, you may not have to recreate the task.  

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