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The analytics tables are a 'second set' of eAutomate tables created from your existing eAutomate data. These tables break down revenue and cost data by Contract, Model, Eqp and other dimensions and also by date periods. The result is a set of data that allows you to 'drill down' to find your revenue and costs in lots of different and powerful ways. Want to see all revenues and costs hitting a contract all the way down to the detail level, and all in one place so you can look for something unusual? Want to know your total clicks per model in the field for the month of February, and then compare February to any other (or every) calendar month? Want to also see cost of supplies per model, or per piece of equipment? This is how you do it. It's an incredibly useful set of tools.

     Every night, eAgent should run a task called 'Auto Update Batch Extended Tables.' What this does is essentially rebuild the analytics tables taking into account all the new data you've entered or changed that day. Several of our more powerful alerts use this data, and it is also accessible via eViews. If the data is not updated nightly, however, it quickly becomes useless. The ID459 alert will check your analytics tables every morning to confirm that they've been properly updated, and advise you if they haven't.

     So, if this alert triggers it's a bad thing. Here's what you do.

1) Check that the 'Auto Update Extended Batch Tables' task in eAgent is enabled (look for the checkmark on the left, and also check the date column to see when it last fired).


2) Open the task to make sure that when it fires it will update the analytics tables (again, look for the checkmark on the left).


3) Force the task to run now. It will take about two hours to update the tables.


4) Contact us at and let us know that you've done the above (and let us know if you ran into problems or had any questions). After your tables have had a chance to update we'll log into your system to make sure everything went ok. If there are still issues, we will help you resolve them or get you in touch with the right folks at DGI to do so (eAgent is not a CEO Juice product, we support it as best we can but sometimes we need to refer you back to DGI).

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