ID181 - Selected versus All and survey question

Variable Y on alert ID181 is used to determine if this alerted is defaulted on for everyone or not.

VariableY=enter ALL to send to all customers by default EXCEPT customer disabled in custom properties, enter SELECTED to send ONLY to customers you've turned on in custom properties.

Currently you must manually go to the customer and change the custom property. We have looked at automating this, however we generally see clients start with ID181 in Selected Mode, then when they see that almost all their customers want this on, they change from Selected to All.

We suggest you see the % of customers that answer the survey question asking if they would like 181 turned on, we see this average Yes at around 68% versus 18% who say No. If you have a high % say yes you may want to consider defaulting it on for everyone. If on for everyone by default we suggest changing the survey question to:

We have implemented a process to keep you notified of the current status of all of your service calls. Currently, we notify you when your service call is entered, again when the technician is dispatched (so you know which tech is on the way) and when your equipment is fixed (in case you miss them). If you would like to no longer be notified of this, please choose "No" to be excluded from these emails. 

Be sure to change the target rank from Yes to No (from 2 to 1).

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