ID181 - Assigning Attributes (how to turn on alert)

See here for samples and an overview of ID181, here for adding a photo of the tech..

When running alert ID181 (NotifyCustomersOpenDispatchClosedCalls) in Selected Mode (VariableY), you will need to assign each individual customer that you would like to receive the emails. In order to do so there is a Custom Property set up called ZCJCallAlertsOnOff*. Just set that to ‘On’ in the Customer Record and they will start to receive the emails. See bottom screenshot if you have implemented option for different emails.

If you are running ID181 in 'ALL' Mode (VariableY), then this alert will send to all of your customers and you can remove notifications via the Custom Property ZCJCallAlertsOnOff* with set to 'Off'.

If you have a large customer, you can also set this Custom Property at the Parent Level. Settings at Parent Level will override any settings in Customer Level. (You cannot set this at the Equipment Level).

Please note, Customer Level is defined as the Customer assigned in Equipment Record as shown here:

Setting Custom Property on Customer:


*Note, the attribute name may differ from ZCJCallAlertsOnOff.  Your specific attribute name can be found in VariableW of your subscription to ID181.


In addition, If there is an individual contact that would like to opt out of the emails, but you'd like the rest of the customer's contacts to receive the emails if they call in, then you can set the Contact Category named ZCJNoCallAlerts** on that individual Contact Record.

**Note, the contact category may differ from ZCJNoCallAlerts.  Your specific attribute name can be found in VariableX of your subscription to ID181.

For those of you on the November 2012 version or later of this alert, we now give you the option to override the default status' (listed in Variable1) to trigger on. Choose which of the many email status' your customer gets. Some customers may only want to be notified when the tech is dispatched, while others may want Opened/Dispatched/Closed.


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