ID164 - Understanding


DBC stands for 'DAYS Between Calls' and refers to the standard process eAutomate has to flag a call as a Callback based on how long it has been since the previous call.

CBC stands for 'COPIES Between Calls.' Our ID164 process checks all calls flagged by eAutomate as Callbacks and compares them to volume targets you set on the Model Record in eAuto on a specific Custom Property.

If the equipment in question is flagged as a callback for DAYS-between-calls but has met the volume target (indicating it's a high-volume machine and a days-between-calls metric is not a good standard for judging performance), the alert "flips" the flag back off and the call is no longer considered a Callback.

**This is functionality that will be standard in e-automate 8.0 and our custom property will no longer be required.**


Sample below shows the equipment on the service call produced 13,679, but the call back clicks are set to 10,500 (per Custom Property as shown below), so this call doesn't qualify as a Callback based on COPIES between calls.





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