ID593 Average Days Between Calls Explanation

This is a detailed explanation of the calculation on the Average Days Between Calls for ID593. The calculation is as follows:

Days/Calls, where Days = # of days between first and last call CloseDate within the last 365 days, and Calls = # of calls (regardless of Type) within the past 365 days.

 This field is not using the time frame from the current call that triggered this alert. It is based on Closed Call Dates, so since this new call, that triggered the alert,  it doesn't have a closed date then it is not used in the calculation. So it is using the time frame from the last call in the service history of that equipment, to the day after the Close Date of the first call in the service history that is within 365 days before the last call Close Date. Even if this is only an 8 month span due to the call before the first call being 366 days out, it will still use the one that was 8 months of the last call. Also, it starts counting the days beginning with the day AFTER the first call Close Date up to the day OF the last call close date. For example, the most recent call Close Date (day OF Close Call Date) from the current date is 11/20/12 and the next closest Closed Call Date to that date, within 365 days, is 6/27/12, then the calculations would use the days between those dates starting to count on the day after 6/27/12 in the calculation. So the days between would be 146 days. If there were only the 2 calls within that time period (the first and last call) then you would divide 146 by 2 which equals 73. So the average days between calls would be 73.

Another example: New call comes in on 5/29/12 and the most recent Closed Call Date to the current one in that equipments history is 4/10/13. The Closed Call Date of the closest call to, but not passed 365 days, from that call is 5/18/12. You would calculate the days starting on 5/19/12 through 4/10/13, which would be 327. Then you divide it by the number of calls in that time period (first call and last call included). Lets says 12 calls. It would be 327/12=27.25, and it will round up on any decimal numbers. This gives you a true average of Average Days Between Calls for that equipment with a Close Date on them. If you need any further help on this, please email us at

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