ID34 - Why won't my custom report export to PDF?

 The short version is that the ID34 report has become so complex, so jam-packed with data (and this is on an 11x17 format) that it simply overwhelms the Crystal applet inside e-auto and it won't print. What's required is for you to download and install a free PDF print driver (our recommendation is CutePDF, link below) and instead of exporting to PDF you instead 'print' to the new print driver and create the PDF that way. We've looked at removing data and making the report 'more simple' but like with all good things it's hard to say what should and and the fact of the matter is we already have more good ideas we're trying to cram into it, so this is going to be a standing workaround unless/until the Crystal applet inside e-automate becomes more robust.

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