Technician Activity Report Overview - ID34/ID204

The Tech Activity Report stack ranks all your techs based on those standard metrics like gross calls per day, net calls, hours worked etc. It is designed as a snap shot to see who is working effectively. Knowing who is working a full day, who is fixing a call correctly the first time, and has the parts they need available is key information about the effectiveness of your service team.

Here are some industry benchmarks: In the MFP world reschedules should be 8%, callbacks should be 10%, total work time should be 7-7.2 hours and FCE% should be 82%.

If you have ID204 SQL Reporting Service SSRS Tech Activity Report (runs from a browser), please see THIS LINK for detailed overview and sample.

If you have ID34 crystal Report, please see THIS LINK for detailed overview and sample.

If you are still receiving the ID34 Crystal Report version, please upgrade by subscribing to ID204 series for SSRS version.

Not able to access SSRS Tech Activity Report? Please see THIS LINK for needed eAuto Security Settings. 

 (ECIs Analytics not required)

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