ID34 supporting alerts

Here is a list of additional alerts that will help keep the information in ID34 accurate, sorted with most popular at top;


ID219 - Looks for data entry issues

95% of the new clients we take on have inaccurate data in contract profit reports, mostly due to things like a technician entering a milometer reading instead of miles. Then you have 97,000 miles showing as a cost on a contract.

This alert is meant to catch where either users ignored the popup warnings for these values you setup in Tools/Options/ServiceCalls/Additional Options OR you do not have any values setup for the popup warnings.
We will alert you if an invoiced call exceeds any of the numbers you input for the corresponding values above.
This alert will ignore calls that have status "Scheduled" until they are closed, at which time it will then check the sanity numbers.

You have the option to have this alert only fire for calls where the Technicians is flagged as a FieldTech using the attribute/custom property identified in Variable1 above. (that attribute type must be Yes/No). If you don't specify an attribute to use then the alert will fire for all techs.


ID181 - If the tech knows that when they click "Dispatch" the customer gets an email, they tend not to make a personal stop on the way.

Do you have customers complaining that they had to call in multiple times to get a response, or is dispatch/techs spending too much time calling customers with updates? This alert will send an email confirming the call has been entered. When the tech is dispatched it will email again saying the tech is on their way and telling you who the tech is. Once the call is marked complete we email saying "in case you missed them" and let them know if there is a reschedule. We also email if the call is canceled. Optionally, we can send a final email when the call is invoiced if you let us know in the comments that you want that to be sent as well. If you specify "ToTech" as part of your subscription by checking that box, we will send an email to the Technician as well ONLY on the New Call created step. For those clients who are proactive in setting up/planning PM calls, and do not want to notify the customer immediately via email. Enter the PM call (Call Type PM), and place 'on hold' , it will not send an email to the customer. Once the call is released from 'on hold' the email will then be sent notifying the customer of the new call. Customers seem to really like this, especially knowing who is coming and may even greet your tech by their 1st name. We email the person who placed the call not the equipment contact. Use alert 87 to ensure Dispatch is getting an email address. If you have a HelpDesk situation use alert 54 where we always email HelpDesk regardless of who placed the call. You can default this alert on for all customer and then chose who to exclude, or just turn it on for specific customers. 



Alerts service management when a tech has been on-site between W & X number of hours. The tech is either having problems, missing in action, or forgot to close the call. We suggest our alert send an email from dispatch to the tech. Note: if for some reason you are not sending either to tech or tech manager, you must have an address listed in the first to: field. The alert will not fire for techs where the CustomProperty attribute name you specify in VariableY is set to 'No'. If not customproperty is will fire for all techs on a service call. The CustomProperty allows you to have the alert 'ignore' techs like System Engineers who would typically be onsite longer than the average break/fix field tech. REQUIRES REMOTE TECH 



To alert inventory that a new call was created on hold for Waiting parts or for BadSync and EITHER the TOTAL parts cost exceeds variableW OR any individual part cost exceeds VariableX!. This alert typically is for the techs manager to watch for parts cost on rescheduled calls before the parts are ordered or installed! ID56 is to alert your parts/warehouse typically when a call with badsync data and/or a new call OnHoldForParts is created. This is so they know to check eautomate and resolve the badsync or refresh ILC. ID55 is To alert when a new call was created on hold for Waiting parts or for BadSync and EITHER the TOTAL parts cost exceeds variableW OR any individual part cost exceeds VariableX!. This alert typically is for the techs manager to watch for parts cost on rescheduled calls before the parts are ordered or installed.



Alerts when a tech is still dispatched to a call after hours, for instance when a technician forgets to close a call at the end of the day, we send an email from dispatch to the tech. Escalation alert is ID 16. 



A check to see which technicians are missing in action at 8.15AM, 9A and 4PM and send a message to the missing tech and their manager. This alert runs a Tech Status report showing techs either (Dispatched, OnSite, Unavailable, or MIA [missing in action]) and incorporates the employee Unavailable component within e-automate. If you put the word TECHNICIAN in VariableX, then an individual alert is sent only to the tech and his/her manager regardless of the To/CC addresses if they are deemed MIA (not dispatched and/or not onsite and Available). The To/CC addresses will receive only the summary status board of all techs showing their status as dispatched/arrived/unavailable/MIA This alert only runs on technicians where you have set the custom property attribute defined in VariableW above to Yes . This is meant to run at specific times you indicate in the comments below when you expect all your techs to be dispatched or onsite (typically 8:30 and 4:00) Please indicate in the comments the time(s) of day you want this status event to run, tech is MIA if not dispatched OR onsite or does not have a time entry in the unavailable time sheet 



Many times technicians never fully understand the number of their calls that do not get fixed the 1st time and result in a callback, especially if the callback is handled by a different tech. This is a subreport from our Technician productivity custom report in e-automate. It details out for a technician the callbacks that were charged against him/her for the previous week. Typically this report would run on monday morning for previous week. Email entered in the To/Cc will receive the weekly summary roll up report as well.  




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