ID859 - Reminds the technician to call customer, Overview & Sample

If your business practice requires the technician to call the customer immediately when they are assigned a new call, ID859 is way to know when the technician has not called and its been longer than an hour.

1. Initial set up:

In remote tech Admin, make sure “ShowCallNotes” is Enabled and that “Customer Called” is shown. If you are missing the Call Note, you just need to add under Lists & Codes / Note Types in eAuto.

ScreenShot.png**Note, Customer Called should show as above with "Hide" as this actually means it is showing. Clicking "Hide" will hide the note in RemoteTech**


2. Instructions to Technician:

Call: After receiving a call, technician needs to call the customer in one hour to let them know that the call has been assigned to them, providing an estimated ETA.  If you get a voice mail leave this information on the voicemail.

Timeframe: one hour from receipt of call

Note: After calling the customer, go into the call and add a call note.  This note type is “Customer Called”.  You should add the note including the person you spoke with or voicemail, and the person’s name on the voice mail.  If it was a general mailbox, put general mailbox. 


Note examples:

Note type: “Customer Called”

called Susan G

called Steve Smith

left VM for Jill

left VM in general mailbox for John

no answer


Example of alert email sent to technician:

See also ID183 notifies when customer calls in for an update on the call

See also ID843 custom report to show which techs keep getting reminded to call customer

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