ID859 - Ensure the tech calls customer with ETA, Overview & Sample

Reminds technician to contact customer with an ETA

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Communication is key and many companies have a requirement that the technician must call the customer within specified hours of the call being received. 

This alert will chase the tech (with an optional copy to manager) if they have not made contact within the required time frame. 

Run Schedule: Every 15-Minutes

Type of Output: Email


*  *  *



First Email Sent:



Escalated Email (note "Escalated" in subject line):



*  *  *




Variable W: Note Type you've created for techs to record contacting customer


Variable X: Minutes from Open Date/Time’ to alert if no note for Note Type found on the call. If a technician must call within 2-hours, set to 120 minutes. 

Call Received time seen here on Service Call or in Dispatch Console:



Variable Y: Call Type Categories to trigger on (if blank considers CM) 


Variable Z: Customer Numbers to exclude from triggering (separated by comma)

Variable 1: Enter number of minutes past Open Date/Time for escalation e-mail (Optional) 

If this variable is left blank, then an e-mail will be sent after minutes listed in VariableX with ALL recipients on copy. 

Variable 2: Custom Property set on Tech Employee Record to limit which techs alert considers (leave blank for ALL)

Variable 3: Trigger on rescheduled calls, Enter Yes/No

Variable 4: Branch Numbers to report on (separated by comma) or blank for ALL



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Alert Functionality

Alert Functionality

-Alert will only fire once for both first and escalated notice levels

-If you are using Variable1 to send escalation notice, then 1st email (minutes past due per VariableX) will only send To Tech. Then escalation email (minutes past due Variable1) will send To Tech and any others set on subscription (Tech Mgr, To/CC/BCC)

-If you are NOT using Variable1 to send escalation notice, then 1st email (minutes past due per Variablexx) will send to ALL To selections (Tech and Tech Mgr) and/or fixed email addresses in To/CC/BCC of your alert subscription:




-If a call goes from pending to on hold (or any other status for any reason), it won’t be considered during the time it’s out of pending. But once call is flipped back to pending, if call qualifies, the alert will consider that original Date/Time received (from when call first created) and will send both the standard and escalation emails.  For example, if a call is received/created, then put on Credit Hold before the alert fires and then 3 hours later it’s removed from Credit Hold (back to pending status) , the call is now outside of the variable for escalation. The alert will then send the email to the tech and to whomever is on the escalation. Even if the call has actually only been pending for a total time of 40 minutes (or whatever that number happens to be).  

-If a tech is reassigned and doesn’t create a new note stating customer contacted, then alert will fire again. 

-Alert considers you're Service Hours (SLA Code) for considering minutes past due. More on SLA Codes HERE.


Create Note Type

Create Note Type

-To create Note Type, Tools / Lists & Codes / Note Types. Note Type must match what you have listed in VariableW and set to 'Allow changes, edits, and deletions of notes of this type':



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Best Practices & Tips

Best Practices & Tips

Remote Tech Set Up:

Remote Tech Set Up:

1. Initial set up:

In remote tech Admin, make sure “ShowCallNotes” is Enabled and that “Customer Called” is shown. If you are missing the Call Note, please click HERE for how to set up. 


**Note, Customer Called should show as above with "Hide" as this actually means it is showing. Clicking "Hide" will hide the note in RemoteTech**

2. Instructions to Technician:

Call: After receiving a call, technician needs to call the customer in one hour to let them know that the call has been assigned to them, providing an estimated ETA.  If you get a voice mail leave this information on the voicemail.

Time frame: one hour from receipt of call

Note: After calling the customer, go into the call and add a call note.  This note type is “Customer Called”.  You should add the note including the person you spoke with or voicemail, and the person’s name on the voice mail.  If it was a general mailbox, put general mailbox. 

Examples: called Steve Smith OR left voicemail for Jill be there tomorrow 9am OR called no answer no option for voicemail




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Related Alerts

Related Alerts

ID183 - Send email to Tech & Mgr when customers call in Requesting ETA

ID843 - Summary Custom Report of when a Customer Requests an ETA


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