ID895 Message from Tech to Sales Rep about a potential lead, Overview & Sample

ID895 Is used to send a message from the technician to the sales rep. If a tech was onsite repairing a machine and noticed that the competition had a demo in, then this is a quick way for them to let sales know without wondering who the sales person is. Plus if you pay a lead bonus there will be a record. Could also just be that the tech thinks the machine needs replacing or that the customer was asking about features only available on newer models.



It will send to the Rep listed on the Customer record in eAutomate OR the Rep in your CRM (IE Compass Sherpa) based on your default CEO Juice settings.

A custom note type needs to be created in E-automate to trigger this. This is done in lists and codes. Create the default note type Advise Rep as below:


After this is done. The technician will have to choose this note type and attach the note to the call, not the work order, (if Remote Tech is configured to give them the option). Then a message will be sent to the Sales Rep. 

To configure the technician to use note types:  ID895_RT_permissions.png


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