ID764 - Emails Closed Call History Overview & Sample:

ID764 - Send snapshot of most recent closed call in service call history to the Ship In Dealer

ID764 is to notify a dealer (the 'Ship-in' dealer, whom you are servicing equipment for) of complete details on any Service Call you complete against their equipment. To do this, you have to link the Equipment in question back to the ship-in dealer and you have to link the ship-in dealer back to the Contact who needs to receive the notifications. Both of these links are accomplished through Custom Properties. First, make sure you have created a Customer Record for the ship-in dealer (probably this is done already, else you couldn't bill them for services) and that you have also created a Contact for the individual party or parties (did you know you could give one Contact multiple e-mail addresses? very cool) that need to receive the Service-Call-Completed notifications. Make sure the Contact has an e-mail address set, you'd be surprised how often that step gets missed.

     Once that is done you need to set the Custom Properties, which probably we (CEO Juice) have already put in place for you. Open the Equipment Record in question, move to the Custom Properties tab, select a Configuration if one is not already selected, and set the VariableW Custom Property (probably named 'ZCJShipInDealer,' as above, but you may need to check your ID764 subscription if you don't see that prop by name) to the Customer Record for the ship-in dealer. Then go the Customer Record for that ship-in dealer, find the Custom Properties tab and likewise select a Configuration if required, and make sure the VariableX Custom Property (probably named 'ZCJShipInDlrAlertContact') is set to indicate the Contact who needs to receive the e-mailed notifications.

In the Equipment Record you want to notify on call details, add the Ship In Company Name in the custom property ZCJShipInDealer in the Properties Tab



Then in the Customer Record for that Ship In Dealer, in the Custom Properties tab add the contact person (with an email) from the drop down in ZCJShipInDirAlertContact


     Repeat for any other Equipment you want to notifications to be sent for. Note that, if you're feeling creative or have a need, this process can be used to send notifications internally to your team or externally to other interested parties.


ID764 requires a subscription to ID460, which is not really an alert but simply a set of Custom Properties that several other alerts use to manage ship-in and ship-out notifications. By subscribing to and allowing us to set up the ID460 suite of Properties you ensure that all the pieces are in place for ID764 or any similar alerts. Immediately below is a review of the ID460 Custom Properties, two of which relate to ID764 as noted, followed by a brief walkthrough of how to set up ID764 to report on a given piece of Equipment.


Example of PDF Output





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