ID917 Big Screen Service Stats Instruction & Sample

When potential customers tour your office having your service metrics displayed on a large screen gives a great impression. Our alert ID37 gives stats on service calls and we have an Excel version you could set to auto refresh to display on a large screen in your office. This is a web version, where you check / uncheck the metrics you want to show add your logo and it's a much simpler process. 

We need approval from your IT before installing this process, details here.

CEOJuice will load app on your server and you access via URL: http://<webserver>:8888/ceojuice (replace <webserver> with the name of the server where the ceojuice software is installed, the juicebox)


Select dispatch-board (you may have multiple CEO Juice Apps installed)



Login info:



On the left, the navigation bar provides a few links, each representing a data view:



Slideshow button in menu allows for refresh by setting the web page to full screen (F11)

Use the Settings button in menu to tweak your dashboard and metrics:

Database – Allows you to set the company database you’d like to point at, by default this is CEOJuice. No need to change this setting, it is for companies with multiple company databases.

Branches – Leave blank to include all branches or type in a comma delimited list of the branches you’d like to filter by

Slideshow time delay – Defaulted to 15 seconds but you can change this transition time in seconds between each slideshow screen

Chart Height – Defaulted to 750 but you can change this height to fit your slides/charts perfectly on your TV/monitor display. (The width will auto size from your height settings. The setting takes place right away, when the next screen appears in the slideshow mode or when the users refreshes the web page on the display.)

Logo Width – Defaulted to 250 but you can change it to resize your uploaded company logo

Include Splash Screen – Checked ON by default, but you can uncheck it if you don’t have a splash screen image you’d like to display (see more info below on splash screen details)

Include Call Details Screen - Checked ON by default, but you can uncheck. 



Auto login - In the admin section there's an option to do this direct link to avoid login.
first, make sure you are logged in as the administrator username: admin, pw: ceojuice

Under settings check the direct slideshow url and hit SAVE.



Custom Field – There are 10 custom fields you can define. The logic you define here shows up on your Dispatch Metrics chart. Click on view raw call data to see options for custom field headers.





Custom Filter - Use custom filters to place filtering logic on the call data presented (use sql where clause for formatting - i.e. CallType not like ( 'X%'), to remove call types that start with the letter "X").

Company Logo Upload – This shows the company logo you upload in the slideshow display (accepts .jpg or .png format).

Splash Image – this shows an image you upload in the slideshow display. It’s usually an image of a nice splash screen you might come up with to display proudly (accepts .jpg or .png format). If no splash image is uploaded the company logo is used.

Logout – ends the session for the logged in user.



 **if for example you would like to filter by Service Manager, list of comma separated names in single quotes

Example: Manager in ('Gregg', 'Marlon')



An alternate login exists for scaled down permissions of settings:

Login: user

Password: dispatch

The only permissions this login has is to change the Database and Branches



**Stream your favorite survey comments on your big screen stats. Ask us at to install the latest version if you want this feature.

The admin user has the ability to turn on/off the comments from their slideshow. Defaulted to SHOW. Access via ID917 Dispatch Dashboard/Settings. Uncheck if you DO NOT want comments to stream.


You will need to "like" those comments in order for them to stream to your Dispatch Dashboard. Option also to select whether you would like question to show alongside your customers comment.

Access those comments/questions and like them via your Survey Dashboard/Survey Comments:


You can click on column headers to sort by that column. Click on "like" and icon will turn red.

These comments will update on your Dispatch Dashboard and become part of streaming immediately.


From the Dispatch Dashboard you can see all selected comments and their associated question (if you selected to include):


Sample (please right click on images to view larger):






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