ID23 - Set Up Supplies & Variable Use

Please click HERE to see best practices on linking equipment to supply orders.

Ensuring supplies are correctly allocated against a contract is important for accurate contract profitability. This alert warns on any zero dollar orders not associated with existing contract OR billable bill code assigned to equipment record. It is also needed if we are to track excessive toner usage correctly. 

For those of you using this alert who use sales orders to your own company for set up supplies we have now added logic so we don’t alert you on those orders. (To see a discussion around best practice on this click here.)

To avoid having set up supplies show on this alert either enter the supplies on the equipment order or create a new order type called “Setup”.

Some clients use sales orders to record setup supplies against a machine and need to exclude those orders.  That can be accomplished by using a different Order Type code for those setup orders and putting that code (and any others you don't want to be alerted on for $0) in VariableW. VariableX ignores items with the specified SalesCode(s) ...and VariableY is contra to VariableW so that you can specify to ONLY INCLUDE those specified OrderTypes (in this scenario you would leave VariableW blank and tell us only the types you want to include). 

VariableZ is where you tell us to ignore a zero$ item with no contract if the associated Equipment Billcode is one of the types you enter in VariableZ.

Variable1 is customer attribute to exclude from this alert

This alert is designed to send twice in some cases, once when the sales order is opened and then again if that sales order is not fixed at the time of invoicing.  The initial alert notification will be sent to the Creator (if you choose to do so) and the second notification is sent after the sales order was invoiced.  Because the creator of the sales order does not necessarily have anything to do with the invoicing they are not included on that second email notification.



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