ID315 Excessive Toner Alert Set-up - Bulk Update to set Usage Limit Meter Type - tips and tricks

Caveat: not all users have the permissions neccessary to use the Bulk Update feature. If you do not, pass these instructions on to someone who does and ask them to contact with questions. Other caveat: if you follow the instructions below correctly, it's very unlikely you could permanently scramble your database. Back up your data first anyway.

      In order for the Excessive Toner alert to function, each of your active toner items must have the Usage Limit Meter Type field populated. This field tells eAutomate (and our alert) whether that toner's usage should be tracked against the B\W or Color meters on the machine. Without this information the alert will never tell you anything useful. Luckily, this field can be edited via the Bulk Update feature, allowing you to update hundreds of items at one time. Below is a walk-through of the procedure, as well as some tips for making things go even faster.

      Access Bulk Update from inside e-automate from the pull-down menu, Tools > Bulk Update.


      Once open, select the items as follows (see red boxes in screenshot below):


Update List: Items

In the Quicksearch:

     Active Equals Yes

     Description Equals 'Black' (Alternatively, leave this line out and set EVERY toner to 'B\W' Meter Type, then go back as below and re-set the Magenta, Yellow and Cyan Toners to 'Color'. This will work better for you if a lot of your toner descriptions don't mention any color, on the assumption that unless it specifies Mag, Yel or Cyan the toner must be black).

     Service Code Contains <YOUR CODES HERE> (this block of Service Codes will look for A or B or C, add more if you need to and remove the ones you don't need. You must make sure you cover every Service Code you listed in the alert subscription, to make sure you find all toner items)


This will select every item under those Service Codes that contains the word 'black'. After this is complete, and you're sure you've covered all the neccessary codes, continue on as below.


Click the button marked 'Check All.' It's important that, if you have non-toner items under these Service Codes, that they DO NOT have Meter Types set. This will confuse the alert Review this list and make sure you un-check items which aren't actually toner. You may be able to exclude this items using Category or Inventory Code (ask us for help if you need it, that's what we're here for).

Change the Update field to 'Usage Limit Meter Type' and to: 'B\W'. If you see multiple options that say 'B\W' it shouldn't matter which one you choose. If they're set up correctly, they'll lead back to the proper Meter Type. Once this is complete, click the button marked 'Update.' You will see:


Click 'Yes.' Depending on your settings, you may get another message asking 'Are you really, really sure?' If so, triple-check your settings and click 'Yes' again.

You're done with step 1. Repeat the procedure three more times with the Descriptions 'Cyan', 'Yellow' and 'Magenta', only this time set the Usage Meter Limit Type to 'Color.'


Next, the tricky bit. Look over all your toner items (delete the Description line from the Quicksearch). Do you routinely abbreviate the word 'Black' as 'Blk' or 'Magenta' as 'Mag'? If so, repeat the process again using these abbreviations in the Description.Be thorough, if you even THINK you might've used a particular abbreviation go ahead and throw it in the Description field and test it.

That's it, you're done. If you're not already subscribed to ID316 (a sister alert that checks your database for toners missing Yields or Meter Types), ask for it to be activated and it will scan your entire system to advise of any items you might've missed.

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