ID200 - Enter Tracking and Shipping information (also for ID350, ID750):

The functionality for ID200 pulls the ToAddress for your customer from two different places, on the assumption that you'll use one or the other of those places or that you might need to notify two people. It pulls the OrderedByContact from the Sales Order and also the ShipToContact from the fulfillment. This allows, among other things, for both the party placing the order and the party who needs to be notified it's coming (because they might be different people) to be advised that the order was shipped.

There are two stages when you can enter this information, at time of shipment or at time of fulfillment. When processing a Sales Order it is very important for you to NOT Fulfill the order before Shipping it. You should always Ship the order and either Fulfill it from the shipment window by checking the Fulfill Order box or by manually Fulfilling it by clicking Fulfill.

(Even though EA will automatically create the Shipment record if you Fulfill first, it does not post the Fulfillment data to all the tables that link to the Shipment records. Shipping the sales order first and creating the Fulfillment from the shipping record (or Fulfilling manually after doing the Shipment) ensures a link to all the data across the tables. Some of our alerts (ID200, ID350 , ID750, also the UPS Integration) rely on this Best Practice process. Not following this process can result in sales orders not reporting when you expect them to.)

**If you are using our UPS Integration, you MUST only ship the order (not fulfill) as the UPS Integration can NOT add freight charges after the order is fulfilled/invoiced.

See both steps below:

(See here to ensure drop ships are set up correctly)


OPTION 1: MUST USE THIS OPTION, if you use our UPS INTEGRATION, OR ID350 Supply Entry Check App

1. From the Sales Menu select Shipment and Deliveries:

2. Locate your order and double click to open: 

3. Select the Miscellaneous tab, Enter Tracking #, weight and date of delivery, click Add. Repeat as needed for different items/tracking information,  Click OK




OPTION 2: (Below process is fine IF you're NOT using UPS/ID350) Manually entering tracking and shipping details:

1. Right click on the unshipped unfulfilled sales order and select 'Ship Sales' OR you can use the quick link button 'Ship':



2. Go to Misc Tab, enter your tracking info and any other shipping details needed (Enter Freight Revenue-this amount is posted to your GL account for freight revenue, Freight Cost, Weight, select ‘Ship Method’ from drop down, enter any remarks as needed. Then at bottom enter tracking # and weight. You probably will not know the delivery date at this stage so uncheck to leave blank. Click 'Add', repeat as needed for different items/tracking information:



3. Now you are reading to fulfill the order! If your Sales Order defaults to box checked to 'Fulfill order', it will auto fulfill after you hit OK. Or use 'FulFill' button option:



YOUR ORDER IS NOW SHIPPED AND FULFILLED (remember once fulfilled, you can NOT go back to the order add any charges, etc)!




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