ID594 - Sales Order created for Third Party Supply provider

Here is an all-too-common scenario.  You have contracts covering locations outside your own service area and your customer calls you to place an order for supplies. Instead of calling the third party dealer or manufacturer who is contracted to provide those supplies, you accidentally send them out of your own inventory. Now you're paying for the third party support of this machine AND the supplies to run it.  This alert will advise you if someone opens a Sales Order on Equipment which is designated for third-party (outside of service area) support.

This alert will scan new sales orders (or invoices) every 15 minutes and will trigger if an order is created on the specific equipment which has been set up properly with the vendor name that should providing those supplies

Attribute creation – must be

1. Data type = Lookup and

2. Lookup type pointed to AP_Vendors  This will allow you to attach AP vendors names to your equipment record.

3. Add this attribute to your Equipment Configuration records

Then add the Custom Property to the Equipment Records you wish to monitor. Select the correct AP-Vendor that will provide supplies – without these steps the alert cannot function. 


**IF vendor name is left blank, the equipment will not be reported by this alert.

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