Sales Quotes from FMAudit to eAuto

FMAudit creating sales orders in eAuto


New function in FMAudit allows FMAudit to create a Sales Quote (not Sales Order) in eAuto based on low toner alerts triggering from equipment linked to FMAudit.


This is done by FMAudit passing Sales Quote info on to ESN (ECI Solutions Network-see below for details), which then passes it on to eAuto to become a Sales Quote. (Please note: FMAUdit uses the OEM number for the supply item, then ESN will look to match that OEM number or Vendor Item Number on the item to record in eAuto)


You will need ESN (ECI Solutions Network) for this process to work. Please contact your Account Manager at eAuto for installation. Dealers currently using PIP, the ESN install will be at no charge. Each dealer will receive a welcome packet and installation assistance.


Once ESN is installed, dealers previous using PIP will need to switch their FMAudit sync to ESN and create an alert for “place ESN supply order”. FMAudit is available for assistance with this alert set up.


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