ID150 Garbage data highlighted by Analytics (ID219)

Anyone on DGI's analytics can use this new feature to easily see if they have a lot of garbage data in the service data.  Typically it’s travel hours and/or mileage…so suggest that you go into the Customer Transaction Detail Distributed (Analytics) eview and set the filters as below and you hopefully should not find many transactions..but if you do then you might have a lot of garbage data that would dramatically impact all your contract profitability reports and service profitability reports!



We are working on a process for a bulk update to fix these, let us know if you need that.

As these have been invoiced they cannot be changed, you'd have to void the service invoice and re-invoice that call. We have, with DGI's permission, scripted some changes to the service call labor records for hours & mileage when we are 100% positive that the "Costs" going to the GL were washed out in offsetting transactions (same Acct# / Depts on both debit & credit side of the entry). The issue is that our scripts update the service records but they we do not create void / rebill GL entries. There are a few client's who have asked us to update these records and we have coordinated with DGI. Understand that while the impact to the GL is $0 net, a GL history transaction detail might show a labor cost detail $$$ that would no longer match the source invoice record for the labor entry. However, these clients made note of this anomaly so that if they have had questions in an audit the auditors would be satisfied (especially since the original entry for the labor netted to $0 impact). They felt that this was easier than voiding hundreds of service calls and manually reinvoicing them. 

It's not recommended for the faint of heart unless your CFO is 100% confident they can defend the corrections (which so far everyone is). We also need to coordinate with DGI and their support team as it might cause issues down the road if someone is looking at these corrected records and notices they don't match the GL entry..DGI gets "bugs" reported and their team spend hours/days trying to find a non-existent bug. So if a client says go, we coordinate with DGI so they can notate on their end that we scripted the updates. 

Without fixing the inaccurate entries either manually or thru script, then all of your eauatomate profitability reports are affected. 
Note: If you had your mileage cost set to $0.00, then the odometer/mileage issue is a non issue, this only applies if you had assigned a "cost" to your travel hours/miles in the setup of eautomate.

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