ID535 - Stack Rank Customers - How to Import File

This file is a tab delimited file containing the stack ranking columns for you Customers.

To use this file you will need to save it as .txt file and then open in Excel:

1) save it to a folder you can access from Excel

2) Open Excel and select "File...Open" from the menu

Set the "Files of type" to All Files(*.*)..and then select the CustomerStackRank.txt file from the folder you saved it in from the email:



3) Excel will recognize that it is a delimited file and present you with the text import wizard as below:

Select "Delimited" and click on the "Finish" button


4) Your data should appear in rows and columns, with Column A being the "ParentCustomer"...Column B the LocationCustomer...Column C indicates if you selected only customers that have a currently active contract at the time the report ran..then the remaining columns are your metrics. 

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